Moroccan Cast Iron Tagine: 3 Benefits You Never Knew About The Moroccan Tajine Revealed

This Is My Personal Review About Why The Cast-Iron Tagine Works Just Like The Traditional Clay Tagine

I have to say although I personally am a big fan of the traditional tagine the one made with clay, I own the cast-iron as well just because I like to cook and not worry about the pot breaking if high heat is applied. The clay tagine breaks on

The clay tagine breaks on heat, that is why if you have a clay tagine it is recommended to use low heat. With cast-iron Tajines you can use normal heat and also you can put it in the oven! How cool is that? Especially if you are cooking fish it is perfect!

If you are on a diet the tagine pot is for you because the pyramid like lid recirculate the steam so it hits your veggies from the top and cook them as if they were steamed on a regular steamer, only with your choice of meat.

This tagine will nor break under heat, neither on shipping, because the clay ones break when they ship that is why I really like the iron tajine. The forged iron base is designed for browning vegetables and meat at the stovetop, but doubles as a tortilla warmer within the oven, Durable interior enamel requires no seasoning

Stoneware lid circulates heat and moisture

1- Slowly simmered cooking

2- Natural steam circulation because of the cone-shaped lid

3- Crafted of durable cast-iron

Powerful and Durable Under High Heat….

As much as I like the tagines made out of clay but they sadly break if the heat is higher than it should be, this kind was meant to cook over slow fire such as coals or fire camp which takes longer….

Cast-iron tagine is the way to go hands down! you are going for quality, not quantity!

And Because These Moroccan Tagines are Beautiful and Can Be Of Multi-use There is Absolutely….

No breakable materials

No harder meat anymore tender only

No more using all the kitchen dishes u can brown vegetables and meat before closing the lid

Best of all: Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! tagine